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Dedicated to The Late, Great Marty Robbins
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One of my many treasured memories

[1] This photo was taken by my eldest son, David Duke, when he was about nine years old. It was the first time he'd been to one of Martin's concerts and he was pretty excited just to be going.
David had to take his own camera (one of those old ones that required a flash bulb) so he could take his own pictures. Marty started his concert singing BIG IRON in which, he replaced the line '...a big iron on his hip'...with the line...'big orange on his lip'... Well, my son just loved it and thought he was one of the 'coolest' people ever! He was anxious to get a couple of photos of his new 'favorite person' and asked me if I would go up to the front of the stage with him to take the picture.
[2] There were already dozens of people flashing their cameras, as is the case with his shows...but we made our way right up to the very front of the stage, directly at Martin's feet. He was standing there doing a song when he noticed David aiming his camera at him so, in true Marty fashion, he stuck his tongue out at my son. He snapped the button on his camera and nothing! His flash didn't work. Being the big tease, Martin asked him what was wrong..he posed again, and again nothing. Martin then told him that his flash was no good and he needed to change it. David waited patiently while I went back to my seat to find a new flash bulb from my purse.
Marty enjoyed interaction with fans
[3] While David and I were fumbling to replace the bulb Martin asked one of the band members to pull him a stool over while we 'operated' on the camera.

He sat down on the stool, right there at the edge of the stage, and put his head in his hands....and without moving, he promised this young boy that he would not make a move until he got his camera ready...'after all,' he said, 'you gotta have a good photogenic of a star'....he laughed but he stayed right there with his head in his hands the whole time while we fumbled with the camera.
[4] Every second or so, he'd ask, 'Are you getting it?' He made the day for my son and we both thoroughly enjoyed the show that day. His clowning and personality was just a sample of the great entertainer he was. He didn't just get up and stand there, he made you a part of his show and made you enjoy the fact that you were there. That's what makes the difference between a 'performer' and an 'entertainer' and he was an ENTERTAINER. It just so happened that he also had a beautiful voice and great personality.

[5] When I remember all the great concerts of his that I have been to, I feel a deep sorrow that this remarkable person isn't with us anymore, making us smile and forget the troubles of our week. He sure knew how to do that and how to make one tired and hectic week end with such a delightful peacefulness and beauty through his songs. He is still sadly missed by all of his fans that he left behind but he did leave a rich legacy of some of the most beautiful music ever. I'm glad to see more and more web sites on the net that are dedicated to this legend.


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