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In memory Of Marty
8th December

A poem in memory of Marty
By Colin Alderson
Marty Robbins

For those of you who never heard a Marty Robbins song.
I`d like to play a track or two if you care to tag along.
He sang about El-paso and a girl from Mexico.
He sang about the men who fought and died at the Alamo

He sang about the cowboys who lived by gun and knife,
He sang about a lady, Marizona was his wife,
He told about Bill Thaxton a Ranger who was blind.
But he was the fastest gun around that you would ever find.

Billy the Kid was a fast gun, 20 notches on his gun
Pat Garret was a friend of his and he ended Billy`s run
When Marty sang you closed your eyes and a picture would appear
It told of outlaws in gunfights and the picture was so clear.

Five brothers vowed to avenge their Pa, who was gunned down in Arkansas,
They met the killer at the water hole and beat him to the draw
They never left the desert floor, the water it was bad,
They died out there on the prairie with the killer who murdered their dad.

Its 23 years since Marty left, it seems like yesterday
He's gone but not forgotten in my heart he'll alawys stay
I listen to his every song and in my mind he`s here,
But on the 8th of December I will shed a tear.

This must not be reproduced without the prior consent of the writer, Colin Alderson Email
-- My thanks to Colin for allowing me to add the poem to my page.

Last Update 7th December 2001