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A Sad Farewell

Its often been said that "Its the woman behind the man." or "His success is the wife at home". Marty Robbins was a successful artist and songwriter, born with a very special gift and personality that attracted people to him. His success was because of that gift, but his inspiration was a beautiful lady named Marizona Baldwin Robinson.

A lady that inspired one of his most touching and heartfelt compositions entitled "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". I believe that the words and sincerity of such a beautiful song could not come from anything less than what Marizona was in life..... full of strength, faith, love, caring and many, many more beautiful attributes that make up the things Martin sang about in the song.

He sang these words from deep within his soul because she was the foundation of his strength, his faith, and what he was to be. Marizona Robinson will not pass away completely for she will remain eternal in our hearts and thoughts each time we hear this beautiful song, each time we hear Shes the foundation I lean on. or Give her my share of heaven, if Ive earned any here in this life.

For now, Marizona Baldwin Robinson, rest in peace, and make that final journey where you will, once again, be reunited with your beloved husband. Hear those beautiful songs as your cowboy once again sings his melodies to you as he did here on earth, this time with the heavenly choir for backup.

Rest in peace.....


In life, we are but as a whisper,
softly falling and touching lives as we pass through.
We seek and search, trying and hoping to find
our way and the one we should be and progress to.
We choose our way and
our tracks are measured, one by one,
through lives we touch,
deeds and truths, secret and known.
Then our song is silent and we are no more,
quietly we go, as did we arrive,
to meet the eternal father and
our deeds to answer for.
If we have given to more than taken from,
and can say 'yes, I gave before I was asked',
then we shall be carried on chariots of angels
and our souls up to Heaven to forever last

Copyright 2001 H. M. Shields

Some Really News To Delight You.

Don McLean of AMERICAN PIE fame has released a CD of Martin's songs.
Dons Album
Don McLean Sings Marty Robbins

The track listings are:

Don did film for a PBS special with Garth Brooks and Nanci Griffith and his guests, WHERE THE MARTY SONGS ARE PROMINENT!. This was recorded with an orchestra and Don's band from Nashville at the Paramount Theater, Austin TX. The Marty cd may be offered as part of a PBS pledge or else released by Capitol Records.

Additional note: The tribute for Patsy Cline and 'The Great Marty Robbins" at Music Ranch, West Point, KY were sell outs. There is a resurgence of popularity for Marty's great music (as it deserves) and I'm pleased that his loyal fans are still out there in droves (or in MARTY'S ARMY, as we call ourselves). I have heard that the new cd GUNFIGHTER BALLADS AND TRAIL SONGS that Sony has just released is selling pretty good so let's try and get them to put out more of his work.

Monday 11th July 2000
***********My Thanks To Don Winters****************
I would like Don to know how much I appreciate the time he gave to answer my questions in the recent interview which everyone can read HERE. Again Don my sincere thanks.

Thursday 11th May 2000
** If you've been looking for that certain video of Marty Robbins, a photo or just some Marty memorabilia, this is the place to find it. I would like to invite all of Martin's fans to take a look at the site and order, order, order. Click on this address and bookmark it for future reference.


Sunday 16th April 2000
Ronny has informed me that the site is about ready to go online, perhaps next week (week of April 17-). I hope that everyone will pay a visit and check out the items for sale. The site's home page looks great showing a beautiful colored sketch of Martin...similar to the one used on his MAN AND HIS MUSIC video. Fans will be able to order items right on line so if you've been wanting to find videos of THE DRIFTER, SUPERLEGEND or A MAN AND HIS MUSIC, and other MR items, this is the place to find them. You may even still be able to obtain a copy of the novel Martin wrote (THE SMALL MAN). I'm not sure of all the items available at present but as they say, anticipation is half the be sure and check out the site in a few days. And of course, it would be a shame not to be able to find some photos of Ronny himself at the site, let's hope so. Many fans don't know it but Ronny was a serious competitor in boat racing (as well as drag racing as he touched on in the interview) and has the tropies to prove it.....very impressive collection for this YOUNG man. Ronny also tells me that the videos of THE MARTY ROBBINS SPOTLIGHT shows are still in the process of being finished and he hopes to have them done in the near future. I for one, am looking forward to these....Martin was a great showman and his inner action with his guests is a sheer pleasure to watch...and of course the music is unbeatable. So keep an eye out for later updates on these also.

I may have another interesting story coming up at a later time. Ronny has promised to elaborate on a famous story (or is it 'infamous') pretty well known to MR fans. But that's one we'll have to wait a while for....Ronny is a very busy man with a lot of irons in the fire so to speak. I really appreciate him taking the time to keep us informed of what he has. Thanks Ronny, you're great!

Friday 3rd March 2000
Official Marty Robbins Web Site
Coming soon.....the MARTY ROBBINS WEB SITE. Marty Robbins Enterprises, run by Ronny and his mother, Marizona, is working on the web site. It should be up and running very soon. The web site's address is:
Check out the site for the latest info on videos available from the office.

Tues 8th February 2000
Happy Birthday Lillie
*** I want to wish a very special birthday to Lillie, Martin's sister, in Arizona. Lillie will be 82 years young on February 27th. Anyone wishing to send her a birthday card and well wishes can do so by sending me an E-MAIL and I will get the address to you. Lillie is a very talented writer and has written (mainly for her grandchildren) a very interesting little 'book' on what life was like for the Robinson children growing up in the Arizona desert. She is presently starting a second 'book', detailing and continuing the first and hopes to get it done in her time left as she feels this is important for her son's children to know. All the Robinson children were extremely talented in music and writing, with some of Martin's brother's penning a few of his songs. It was Lillie's husband that taught Martin some of his first chords and his first song on the guitar when he was a boy, when he and his twin sister Mamie, would take turns staying with their sister and her husband. It was, naturally, a cowboy song. Aren't we glad? Happy 82nd to you Lillie, one very lovable, interesting and terrific lady. ****

Lillie's doctor released her from the long term care unit at the hospital last week to see how she would fare taking care of herself at her home. She was home for almost two days when she fell and injured her tail bone (not serious, just bruised along with her pride) and a minor injury to her arm. After this, Lillie decided that she could not make it on her own and made the decision to return to the LT care unit permanently. She seems to be satisfied now, perhaps mainly because it was her own decision and not someone saying that she had to do it...( a Robinson trait for sure). She says hi to all and that she appreciates everyone caring about her. She said she had never met a fan of her brother's that she didn't like...they were all extremely nice and caring. (You can judge a person {Marty} by the people they run with {fans}).

***Lillie has asked me to thank all the people who took the time to write her and send get well messages. She has enjoyed receiving them and knowing that so many still are not only enjoying her brother's music but keeping it alive in our hearts. She is a big fan of his also (her favorites are 'STORY OF MY LIFE' and 'LETTER EDGED IN BLACK' although she admits there are lots more, she just can't think of them right now) and spends a lot of her days just listening to that beautiful voice of his and remembering him as the mischievous little boy he was...but always smiling. With her blindness, she regrets that she is unable to personally reply to you all but knows that you will be visiting the site again and can all read this 'thank you' from her.

Tues 1st February 2000
A Message From Ronny Robbins
.....Due to the many requests from daddy's fans, I am presently putting together videos of his MARTY ROBBINS SPOTLIGHT television series that ran during '77-'78. Daddy filmed 48 episodes of SPOTLIGHT. The shows will be in their entirety and will consist of four volumes. Thank you all for visiting these sites on daddy and his music and I will keep Helen advised of the progress of the videos.
So as not to be redundant with other web pages on this great artist, anyone seeking a discography of Martin's music, I am not listing his many songs here but instead, you may click on these links for both a discography and for lyrics to some of his songs. Any song of his that you might wish to obtain, lyrics to, please feel free to write me and I can furnish them to you. There are far too many to list at any given site. Hope this is not an inconvenience for anyone. Enjoy! For Discography or For Lyrics

Sat September 11th 1999
It Is With Regret I Advise

Charley Marquie, Marty's nephew (Lillie's last remaining son) passed away Tuesday, September 7 in Flagstaff, Arizona. He had been battling cancer for quite a while. He lived on the indian reservation in Tuba City with his wife Darcy who is a teacher there. Charley was a free lance writer and wrote for numerous newspapers and magazines. At the time of his passing, the two were working on a children's book together and when I spoke to her last, she thought she was going to finish the book in his memory. She is a telented artist and was doing the illustrations while Charley wrote. Charley was cremated and his ashes will be scattered in Sedona, a favorite yearly vacation spot for the couple. He will be sadly missed by yours truly for he was indeed, a very special person, warm, full of life, love for everyone he met and very appreciative of everything he was blessed with, especially his Darcy and his mother, Lillie.