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I am very honoured and grateful to have approval to add this poem/song posted exclusively on my site.
My thanks to Ronny Robbins and Mariposa Music Inc

[Must not be used on any other site without prior approval]

By Marty Robbins

There was a time when I was gay
and happy as could be.
It seems like years and years have passed
since she belonged to me.
The smile you see is make believe
It's really not my style.
But if you'll look close enough you'll see
the tears behind the smile.

It isn't easy to pretend
that life has been so sweet.
That lady luck has placed the things
I've wanted at my feet.
Where there's no love there is no life
I found it out by trial.
And if you'll look close enough you'll see
the tears behind the smile.

Cheated out of what I love,
robbed of every scheme.
I can't make my heart believe
That this is not a dream.
I tell myself that I'll forget
in just a little while.
But sometimes it's awfully hard to hide
the tears behind the smile.

Nobody knows how much I hurt,
they don't suspect a thing.
The only treasure I have left
is just a wedding ring.
I never ever want to laugh
it doesn't seem worth while.
But I have to if I want to hide
the tears behind the smile.

Copyrightę 1957. Renewed 1985, Mariposa Music Inc.