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Lillie Nevitt


Lillie Nevitt, sister of Marty Robbins, passed away this week. Many of Martin’s fans have become ‘acquainted’ with her through ‘MOM’S BOOK’, a story she wrote for her grandchildren in order for them to know a part of the Robinson family history and legacy.

While Martin found renown, notoriety, adoration and love from his fans in his successful musical career, Lillie’s was more of a quietude type of fame, but enormous and immeasurable nonetheless. Her talent was there, distinct, and this is evident in her writing in ‘Mom’s Book’. Her description of their life growing up on the Arizona desert is a descriptive one, full of color, as she goes into detail of her emotions and experiences. Like her brother’s beautiful songs and voice, her story is vivid with imagery that takes you, personally, to each scene.

This talent was never publicly acclaimed, by choice. She never desired to be in the limelight, happy with being a housewife and mother to her twin sons, but wanting to leave this ‘account’ of her life for her grandchildren. Though her acclamations were not public, she shared a specific quality with her famous brother, anyone and everyone who met and came into contact with her, immediately loved and respected her.

Again, like her brother, Lillie was small in stature but her qualities of love, compassion, ‘down to earthiness’ and humility surpassed that of any giant. These are qualities that make us not only loved and memorable but unforgettable, whether we gain public notoriety and acclaim or reach it within the realm of the people we meet as we pass through life. Both Martin and Lillie have left us saddened in knowing that for a short time, we were in the presence of love, greatness and sincere humility. We are not likely to meet anyone who will possess the same degree of these qualities again in our lifetime and will always treasure the good fortune of our knowing these special people.

So, farewell sweet, wonderful Lillie. I will miss you greatly but will always know that for the time I knew you, I was in the presence of quiet greatness and could proudly call you ‘friend’. I will forever be grateful and blessed and it comforts me knowing that you are now in the long awaited presence of your maker and your loved ones who went before you.



Posted 8th June 2002

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